Politics and Television

The invention of television greatly influenced politics as it provided a “face to face” interaction with those at home. Debates came off as more personal and important political news was quick and visual. The American people felt more in touch with what was occurring around them. There is no doubt that television has had a great influence on a wide variety of individuals in terms of politics. Without television, most Americans would have very little knowledge of what was being done in present time.

Television may help aid the influence candidates and other political figures are trying to make on Americans, but it still has done little to help with voter turnout. Voter turnout has yet to reach the percentage of voters that voted during the 1960 election (62.8%). This just so happens to be the same election in which presidential debates were available through the television. There is no data expressing that television has caused the decline of voter turnout but there also is not data supporting that is aiding voter turnout. With the recent flood of campaign ads, it seems as though Americans may grow tired of the television coverage, resulting in disinterest of campaigns.